4 Different Types of Sewing Buttonholes You Could Make

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Buttonholes are beautiful, especially when they are handmade. They are sometimes used for purely embellishing garments. A buttonhole is a mainstay of a button fastener in Garment Creation. Even if the button is just for show, you will need a buttonhole. There are various ways to create buttonholes on your clothes. Through this blog, you […]

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4 Types Of Sarees That Are A Must-Have For Every Indian Woman

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A saree is more than just a piece of cloth for women. The six-yard-long cloth of elegance with stunning designs and patterns are the top choice of apparel, especially during the festive season. Here are four types of sarees that make a wonderful collection for your wardrobe. Mul Cotton Sarees Often women don’t wear a […]

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महिलाओं के लिए छह तरह के लोकप्रिय जीन्स

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हम जानते हैं कि आज के समय में सब ही खूबसूरत और फैशनेबल दिखना पसंद करते हैं, और सभी को jeans पहनना अच्छा लगता  है। पर अपनी पसंद के jeans को ख़रीदने से पहले क्यों ना आप कुछ तरह के jeans के बारे में जान लें। महिलाएँ जितना ज़्यादा बाहर जाकर काम करने लगी हैं […]

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Tips To Avoid Losing Whiteness of Your Clothes

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Among the numerous household tasks, doing laundry can be a tricky and tiring process. From putting clothes into the washer, adding detergent, pressing the start button and letting it dry. The process sounds terrific easy. However, careless and regular washing techniques often take a toll on your garment’s health, especially if it’s a white garment. […]

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