Hamstech Online Students Create Wonders with Their Skills! Check Them Out!

fashion designer course online

Hamstech online is a platform that has imparted creative knowledge to thousands of students across the country. These students learnt some amazing skills from the comfort of their home and created stunning fashion. We are super excited to show you some of the best creations of our students. Check it out: 1. Anuradha Gupta (Fashion […]

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3 Ways to Beautify Stained Garments with Organic Tie and Dye Techniques!

tie and dye classes online

We all have faced situations where our favourite dresses or dupattas get stains. However, there might be situations when despite your efforts the stains might not leave your clothes. In such cases, discarding the dress, you can give it a brand new design by using Tie and Dye techniques. Synthetic dyes can be extremely harmful […]

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Now Learning A New Skill Is Simpler & Smarter with Hamstech Online Learning App!

fashion design online

Hamstech Online Courses is for those learners who want to turn their creative hobby and interest into a skill or even a successful career, that too from the comfort of their home! How? With just 1 App which offers 20+ courses which can be learnt through video lessons in the language of your choice and […]

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Here’s How You Can Get an Online Fashion Degree in Vijayawada!

fashion designing course in vijayawada

Fashion design has become very popular career choice for many women in India. If you are also keen on turning your passion for fashion into a successful profession, then we have just the right ways of doing it, that too in your own city, Vijayawada! Hamstech online has a wide variety of fashion, styling, jewellery […]

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4 प्रकार के ट्रेंडिंग टाई और डाई तकनीक सिर्फ आप के लिए!

tie and dye courses online

कपडे पर एक सुंदर पैटर्न बनाने के लिए रंगों को मिलाने की कला टाई और डाई है। पहले इस तकनीक का प्रयोग कुर्ते और दुपट्टे जैसे पारंपरिक कपड़ों पर किया जाता था। यदि आप एक टेक्सटाइल डिज़ाइन स्कूल में गए हैं, तो आपको पता होगा कि आप पश्चिमी वस्त्र भी बना सकते हैं।क्या आपने कभी […]

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Learn Unique Fabric Painting with Our Online Fashion Courses in Nagpur!

fashion designing course in nagpur

Any fabric looks plain and simple unless it is decorated with colour, texture or artistic motifs! This process is called “Fabric Designing”. With Hamstech’s amazing Online Fabric Designing Course in Nagpur, you can learn this art from home with expert faculty and get certified by the Government of India, that too in your own city, […]

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