Learn 3 Ways to Stitch Traditional Embroidery With Our Online Fashion Course in Indore!

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India is a land of diverse cultures and traditions. The different handloom designs and patterns found here never fails to impress us. One of the age-old crafts found in India is the traditional embroidery. The artistry and uniqueness used in this kind of handwork is loved by people from across the country. Hamstech Online understands […]

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Hamstech Online Students Create Wonders with Their Skills! Check Them Out!

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Hamstech online is a platform that has imparted creative knowledge to thousands of students across the country. These students learnt some amazing skills from the comfort of their home and created stunning fashion. We are super excited to show you some of the best creations of our students. Check it out: 1. Anuradha Gupta (Fashion […]

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Make 3 Smocking Embroidery Dresses With Our Govt-Recognised Textiles Designing Course!

When asked about embroidery, we usually think about the bright and beautiful threadwork stitched creatively on any fabric. However, this art is not just limited to artistic embellishments on a garment. There is much more that you can explore. Out of all the interesting types of embroidery, smocking is unique and exquisite. This gives an […]

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3 Pastel Colours Used In Textile Design- Learn About Them With Our Govt-Recognised Courses!

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There was a time when people preferred bright and vibrant coloured dresses over simple and subtle shades for grand occasions. However, these days, everyone, from royal families to celebrities and common people, prefers subtle pastel colours even for festive occasions. Pink, mauve, powder-blue, mint-green, peach and lavender are some of the most common pastel hues […]

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Now Learning A New Skill Is Simpler & Smarter with Hamstech Online Learning App!

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Hamstech Online Courses is for those learners who want to turn their creative hobby and interest into a skill or even a successful career, that too from the comfort of their home! How? With just 1 App which offers 20+ courses which can be learnt through video lessons in the language of your choice and […]

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