A Workshop for Collective Creativity with Hamstech Online

fashion design online courses

The synergy of creative efforts makes the world a richer place to live in. Such a dream comes true with involvement of the people who are trying to sharpen their creative skills to make wonderful things and the experts who are willing to impart the knowledge and skills to them. This especially becomes a very […]

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How Computers Are Shaping The Future Of Fashion?

cad in fashion designing courses

Technology has not only changed the way we perceive our everyday lives. Even the professional aspects have witnessed a tremendous transformation, courtesy to the life-changing innovations aided by scientific research. Fashion is also impacted by the way science has evolved.   New Education Scopes   Computer-aided fashion design is one such feature. People are looking […]

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Why More Fashion Brands Are Considering Investing in CAD Systems?

cafd online training institute

The garment industry is witnessing rapid growth, thanks to the introduction of newer concepts. This has certainly kept the fashion business alive. Irrespective of the industry, innovations are utmost necessary for exponential growth. This is where computerised fashion designing has proved to be a groundbreaking technique. In order to meet ever growing demands of the […]

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